Legall's mate

May 10, 2009, 12:49 PM |
This is a working progress due to me messing it up at the last minute Laughing
Legall's mate is my favourite pre-mature mate apart from Fool's Mate (which is foolish!) In this blog, I will go through what Legall's mate is and the in-depth analysis in how to avoid it and when to play the Queen sac, as some variations can lead to losing the game is you don't know what you're doing.

This shows how using the principle of Philidor's mate, can win a pawn 

So this game shows us that using this principle wins a pawn. But have you noticed a pattern? The knights aren't out! Lets see  what happens when they cover different squares.
Lets start off if a knight , protects the e5 square. This has to be a knight as you'll see in a


Oh dear! Now lets see if a knight, or any other piece, is protecting c5 when the Philidor's mate 'looks' promising. This variation in when not to play it is a little more obvious than the last 1 however.
So is that it? If a knight is developed, you can't use Philidor's mate? Is that the end to my blog? No! Take a look, because there is an interesting thing that I found not long ago that's related to this topic.