New Blog take 2!

Sep 9, 2010, 10:22 AM |

Ok, that was a fail!!! I forgot that the h file is on the right hand side..... Congrats to sjpdna and chessman_calum for getting CHESS after I said that the Na5 was meant to be Nh5. Congrats also to matein8 for getting cases, the best thing with the a file, and many congrats to michaeljmeadows who got CHESS without the clue in the comments... He just knows how many mistakes I make!!!

This blog isn't chess related, but is going to be one where you will hopefully learn a little.

As you may not know (if you didn't read the first take of the new blog) I'm currently doing my GCSE courses (only just started them, but still). In my blogs I'll occasionally share with you some facts I learn from these. Some you will surely know, however others may surprise you (private schools give you more info than you actually need). 

Today we'll be going through some facts about the effects of World War 1 on Britain and Germany, and also some facts about the human body, and their cells/DNA.

Firstly, WW1:

Did you know, britain are still paying off their loans that they made from WW1?

Did you know, more people died from Spanish flu in WW1 than soldiers died fighting?

Did you know, 70% of Germany's money for WW1 came from loans?

Did you know, 1/3 of Germany's expenditure just after WW1 was for pensions (not just old peoples, but war ones as well)

Now for some biology:

If you got all your DNA from 1 cell, and uncoiled it out flat, it would measure 4cm!

You share 98.5% of your genes with a chimpanzee, and 99.5% of genes with other humans.

We share about 50-60% of our genes with a banana.

And now for the surprise facts on anything whatsoever:

More people are killed annually by donkeys than die in air crashes.

So beware of those donkeys!!!

In the next blog, it'll be back to chess, but not playing chess, but some arbiting tips from your local arbiter Innocent I'll see you guys next time!!!