New blog!

Sep 7, 2010, 1:20 PM |

Hi guys!

Every week, I now plan to do at least 1 blog post a week, but hope to do more. These posts will include chess matches that I've recently played, music that I wanna sing along to, and other miscellaneous stuff I can think of at the time. I will also post some of the things I feel most proud of as I embark on the GCSE's Cool

Today's post was to inform you about my new blog, and also to start Laughing

Tonight, I blog to you some chess puzzles for you to work out. They're very simple, and won't need much thought if at all any. They're not tactics puzzles, they're part of this blog posts challenge. The moves you make to complete the puzzles are important. Take note of them. Here they are, with more explanation of this blog post puzzle coming afterwards:

Sorry, the diagrams didn't like me. In puzzles 1 and 2, you have to use your brain and find the right move. Puzzle 3 you must play a move so white can enter the kings gambit. Puzzle 4 you must tell me what square the white king is on (white is at the bottom)

























So you have those 4 simple answers to those ridiculous puzzles. But now you must use those to create a word. The riddle below will help you

Only 4 puzzles, and yet 5 letters in the word?! (1 of the puzzles has 2 letters)

Don't just think of the letters, think of the numbers too. (What number could be used as a letter?)

The answers are given in the order of which the letters are ordered in the word I'm looking for.

Don't post answers in the comments please ;) If you PM me with your answer, and get it right, you'll win a trophy and will be noted in my next blog post

Au revoir!