The Christmas of Chess Quiz!!!

Dec 23, 2010, 10:50 AM |

The Christmas of chess

To celebrate this Christmas

Have a go at my bi-monthly quiz!

Everyone and anyone can enter!


Contestants must answer all questions, both

Hard and all, with as much detail as possible.

Remember, some may be tricky questions!

In some cases, you’ll have to guess.

Some others will include chess puzzles.

Try to not use Google and cheat.

Mail me the answers to

And last of all, the winner will be

Someone who scores the most points.


Of course, this quiz is for

Fun, but have a go, and test your knowledge.


Completely forgot! Closing date for the quiz

Has to be 31st December 11:59 GMT.

Entries cast after the time won’t count!

So have a very Merry Christmas and

Start answering these questions now!!!


If you haven’t already noticed, I made that so the start of each line makes the title! Anyway, if you’re confused, here it is in proper English!

Below is a selection of questions. Answer them with as much detail as possible, because the questions are each worth more than 1 mark! In the chess questions, answer with as many variations as possible! The winner will receive a trophy and a large shout out! So really, it’s a bit of fun J I’ll do a quiz every 2 months to keep you occupied, but the biggest quiz will be the Christmas one. Email the answers to me at Or PM me the answers on! Lines close at 11.59PM GMT on 31st December 2010. Any questions (not about the answers) feel free to post in the comments, but please don’t spoil the answers for people by posting them in the comments. This is onkly for fun, so please keep it fun and not spoiler-ish! () at the end of each question indicate the number of marks on offer.

1) Can you name a famous snowman and what brought him to life? (2)

2) White to play and draw. Give the 2 drawing moves for white and as many key variations as possible, including the black defence to the position, and what happens when black plays inaccurately for the less obvious drawing move. (6)














3) White to play and force black to checkmate white in 2 moves. Remember, black is trying to avoid checkmating white! (6)
















4) Name the 3 reindeer that start with the letter 'D' (3)

5) Name the top 4 colours associated with Christmas. (4)

6) What Christmas song does Babe sing in the film "Babe"? (1)

7) ON Christmas 1978, which religious event coincided with Christmas? (1)

8) After Joseph, Mary and Jesus left Bethlehem, which country did they travel to? (1)

9) What does advent literally mean? (1)

10) White to play and force checkmate in 2 moves (7)














So the quiz is out of 32 points. Remember the address is!

Good luck everyone!!!

P.S. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!