Welsh U20 Champion!!!

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Hello everybody! Below are my 4 games (half point bye in round 1) for the Welsh U20 Champs. If any of you want to see video annotations of the games (games below have no commentary) please check out my YouTube Channel Chesster1883 for very irregular chess videos!!!


3 people finished on 3.5/5, James Thomas and Luke Kostanjsek and Tom Thorpe (me). I am the Welsh U20 Champion Laughing


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    Nice games! Cool

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    @cofail, I probably did yes, I got a bit excited and thought the pawn ending was actually a win for me lookingat it for about 5 minutes. I was concerned though that if I went after the queenside pawns with my bish, his knight and king would be perfectly placed to trap it after he plays Nd7. So I tried the K+P ending. Another thing I seem to remember was that I had about 15minutes left to get to 40 moves when he played Kd7, so I think I just went for the simpler option and hop that I was better.

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    In the second game, perhaps you would have had more chances in the B v N endgame rather than the K+P ending, particuarly if you could have played a4, fixing his pawns onm dark squares.

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