Dec 9, 2015, 11:12 PM |


Theory: In the opening the playing should be faster than the rest of the phase in the games. The endgame is the second fastest.

This saturday I am going to go to a practice tournament, I noticed how when I went to my first tournament that I lost a few games because of the time. I devloped these theories on my own, to play at least a little faster.

Though playing fast in the opening to save time is not a bad idea, however playing fast will result in a bad posistion for the rest of the game. But I guess playing it a little slower than the endgame is okay, the endgame does not require you to think about a lot of pieces and their countereffect.

Due to my bad play because of the limited time, I practiced a lot of blitz to develope faster thinking. Or just rather intuitive, though I am rather not so good with blitz, how can play a lot better and get above 1500 rating for blitz? It is best to just find a good move in blitz by good I don't mean the best, but just not the few worst possible moves.

The theories lead me to start thinking about how much familiarty with posistions lead to better playing but not tricks and tips.