My experience with analysis board of

My experience with analysis board of

GM brightthunder
Apr 23, 2014, 3:31 PM |

Hi everybody!

I would like to share my experience about analysis board of www. 

Let's start from interface. It's quite good and we have a lot of options to change it the way we want. We can change color of board/squares, style of pieces and we even can create 3D chess board. I am enjoying it a lot when I am on different moods. During the lessons I can draw arrows, mark squares (By the way, those marks and arrows also can be easily removed just by clicking at the board) that helps a lot with explanations.
Of course there are also "clear", "reset", "reaload" buttons and they make my work very comfortable. I can enable or disable sounds of the moves. Flip board and quick possibility to change whose turn to play. Pieces can be easily added or removed from the board. There is also special "microphone" to keep audio contact with student, so we don't need some additional programs like "skype" or "messanger". itself does not need any special software to be downloaded. Everything is done in the web browser. 
Also private settings are very comfortable as I decide who can view and be invited to my analysis board. 

Another great thing is how easily I can copy positions from chessbase or even whole games and put in analysis board. All analysis made during the lesson can be saved in pgn format by me or my students. Everything is easy and simple. 
Probably the only drawback of analysis board is that I can't switch it on chess engines. However, quick possibility to save pgn files and open it via chessbase - at some point compensates that drawback. 
I would like to thank to all people who created this beautiful site of chess!