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A thrilling game with Sir Randy :)

A thrilling game with Sir Randy :)

Jun 29, 2013, 5:06 AM 4

One of the games I like, where I saw a possible win of a pawn when I sac a Bishop, then saw that the line put me in a great danger as my Knight would soon get skewered, luckily I found some great resources which could give me a slight edge. I think, Sir Randy did not find the right moves to make the game balance.


It is game like this that make Chess fun, the adrenalin rush of tactic upon tactic, of course after building a well-coordinated position. Tal said that combinations come naturally from a well-built position, with the help of your opponent of course. Unless you are super GMs, we are sometime incapable of designing our own position, of putting pieces on the best possible square and foreseeing good combinations later.  So here is a game of a non-GM which was truly fun to both of us.


The threat of Knight fork at f6 and later mate at g7 saved the day for White. Truly amazing.


The final position was winning because of the d-pawn, which is stoppable only by giving up a piece. Black resigning was just in order :)


Please do enjoy the game, as we both enjoy it.


The game link: http://www.chess.com/echess/game?id=70940576



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