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Christian Life is like playing Chess

Christian Life is like playing Chess

Sep 18, 2015, 8:10 PM 2

I found this image interesting as I am a Christian and also a chess player :)

Photo taken from FaithUpgrade.com ,a Christian comics it says. Christian life is like playing chess but the difference is in Chess tournament consultation to AI computers or chess games is prohibited. But not in Christian life, ALL move in life MUST BE consulted to God first. 

Not a single move, but ALL moves, or plans must be consulted to our God. So he can direct our paths.

Our enemy the devil is a part of our Christian life. The devil's role is to destroy us, move us away to God and to distract our worship.

Life is like chess, our enemy devil is using tactics like Chess sacrifice. Sometimes he offers a favorable situation in exchange of our time or integrity that will cause us to sin at the end. So beware of this. Always consult our LORD to find the devil's tactics.

Peace every one. God bless!


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