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I have an opinion

Oct 29, 2010, 5:35 AM 2

diversion is a stragedy to keep people confused. i do believe the media plays a major role to distract the general public of matters of no real importance. if it takes a village to raise a child, why do only 25% of Americans know their neighbors? what is family values, if only 10% of Americans sit down at a table to eat dinner as a family? who is teaching the children, if a single parent has to work 2 jobs in order to support a child? about half of american children are from broken homes. what are the children learning in school? are they being taught how to play their role in society? if schools are funded by local tax,  do the upper/middle class childern get a better education? why is a majority of people in prison minorities? is it easier to get a book or a gun from the street? where do all the guns come from?  why do people need a gun that is powerful enough to kill a bear? how come i dont see any bears? could it be guns are made for population control and job security for police? what is homeland security if 10% of U.S. imports is illegal drugs? 90% of herion comes from Afganistan and 90% of cocaine comes from Columbia. why would the law sentence some1 many years for illegal drugs (5 years for 1 gram of crack) and move the pedofile into the poor community? why does 10% of the population own 90% of the money?! why is there more liquor stores than parks and libraries combined? where are the black panthers? and why is the kkk still strong? why in America is black on black crime the highest? where is the unity? why is American government so eager to fix every1 elses problems while our own country is in shambles? is cancer and aids manmade? where is the love? if there is 1 God than why so many religions? it is just a question please feel free to answer i dont mind constructive critisism good or bad right or wrong i still have an opinion.

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