The other side of Global Warming (Don't take this too seriously)

Jan 13, 2010, 10:59 PM |

I will start off by saying simply this, "Global Warming for the win".  How many times have you got up in the morning and had to drive your car through the frigid cold of winter.  The obvious answer, who cares, this is my blog not yours.  So stop being selfish and listen. 

Too many times i have driven through the snow and wondered, "what a crappy month winter is".  That statement is totally true.  Nevermind the arguments of the bad things that will happen, or the whole "rising sea level" thing.  Those people who say those things are just a bunch of negative nancy's.  I for one like the idea of more people getting beach front property.

I myself would love a little more sunshine.  My friends are always quick to respond with, that kind of thinking comes from your heritage, and that i would eat icecream for breakfast if i had the audacity.  They underestimate the nutritional values of a choco-taco in the morning, but more than that they don't seem to notice that the earth was created to beat the heat.  What the science books won't tell you is that at the ends of our earth, their are giant snowcones just waiting to get lemon or cherry flavoring.

Without question, king gore has some great facts in his repetoire, which he took from scientists and claimed as his own.  Just understand that he is a politician first, and savior of the known world is a close second.  After he lost the presidential election he was crushed.  It turns out he only wanted a private jet to call his own, with some 106 inch rims.  And now that he has what he wants, the message is clear.  Buy his dvd, and the planet shall be saved.

Nonetheless, i am just a dreamer.  I dream of a world where i don't have to worry whether going 10 miles an hour on some road is too fast, or whether my 80 year old grandma can shovel out her driveway by herself (she did landscaping a few years so maybe).  Most of all, i fight for the ideals of America itself.  As a wise man once said, "i saw the sun, it opened up my eyes. I saw the sun."