Aug 18, 2009, 3:38 PM |


imagine a world

where wind blows so soft

and laughter and

are heard frequent and oft

imagine a world

where the work is like play

and the sun smiles warmly

on you every day

with your best friends around you

youre never alone

and each day after school

you all talk on the phone

where you know if you sad,

there are places to go

a soft shoulder to cry on

as you let your pain go

now imagine that world

on a bright summer's day

as you stand there and watch it

all get torn away

after many montha of mourning,

you're in a new school

where you're the youngest and the dumbest

and everyone makes you feel like a fool

there used be good days

and bad days were rare

but now that reversed

and your too cold to care

for the warmth that you loved

has blown off on the breeze

now you're shivering and cold

always ill at ease

and the fears in your mind

but were to go now

when the worlds so unkind?

you flee from the world

climbing an endless flight of stairs

knowing no one will miss you

because know one really cares

and as tears streak your face,

at noon everyday

you wonder if you ever,

wont feel this way

imagine a world of deception and fears

of lies, drinks, and drugs

that you dont belong here

and imagine my friend

just what would you do?

if this new scary life

thrust itself upon you?

and that is why,

sometimes i wont talk.

why i flee class so anxious

and go for a walk

i need you right now

so please stay with me my friend

through this nightmare of change

until we reach the end