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Breaking 2000 in a year!

Breaking 2000 in a year!

Nov 19, 2008, 5:41 AM 2

It's celebration time!!!!! JUST in time for my one year anniversary with the site i've broken the 2000 mark.  I have played just over 10000 moves since I've been here with EXACTLY the same amount with black as white. I personally my new rating is massivly inflated and I am sure that it will only be a quick visit before I drop down again.  Here is the game which pushed me over the edge in which I ike to think I came back fairly well.


Now you'll notice here that my opponent is rated quite a bit lower than me and it's sad to say it but this seems to be the key to my success.  Since I joined the site (did I mention that was almost a year ago) my average opponent has been rated 1450.  That's made up of an average of 1382 when I win and 1578 when I lose (and 1680 when I draw.)  Some would call this cheating but I ensure that I almost never play anyone lower than my average win (excluding tournaments etc.)

Now...the latest big surge is due to me starting a great number of matches at once and as ih8sens once advised me "stalling my losses and playing out my wins."  I am liable to leave drawing or difficult positions for longer in order to think about them when I quickly play out won games.  This will of course result in a rapid decline later on but meh.

The reason I have started so many matches at the same time is due to my loyal membership to TEAM ENGLAND!  My patriotism has caused me to join every team match going and because we're such an awesome team I tend to play people with lower ratings (but by no means worse) than myself.

So let me take this moment to encourage any English chessers reading this to join up, whether you merely want to show support for your country or participate in our competitive vote/team matches.  All ratings are welcome and there are even up and coming matches specifically for lower rating brackets ensuring everyone gets a game.  The team/group is excellently run by gumpty.

Over and out.

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