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Mating with the Queen

Mating with the Queen

Jan 19, 2014, 10:14 AM 0

In Blitz and Bullet games, one or the other opponent is often faced with the problem of mating with a king and queen versus a lone king.  Simple? No!  For me, the Compleat Patzer, what should have been easy victories, have turned into draws at least ten times out of my 2000 games.  With secondes rapidly ticking away, unconsciously checking with the queen can result in a stalemate.  Here's the best way to avoid this situation.  When your opponent has no pawns and you've just promoted your pawn, promote it to a rook.  Learn the rook and king mate and use it.  To my knowledge there are no stalemate possibilities in a rook and king mate, or at least fewer.  Still, the Compleat Patzer may find a way to get a draw when up by a rook or a queen.  Maybe sticking to kibitzing would be better for him or her than playing the game over the board.


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