Recommended Websites for Chess Enthusiasts

Jun 29, 2010, 2:02 PM |

There are many good websites devoted entirely to chess. Some websites have many games, one of which is chess. These are good too. Chess can be played online almost as well as with a chess set and board. At the start of a game, there is a picture of a chessboard with chess pieces in the beginning position. Moving the pieces is done by using the mouse just as if it is a hand moving the pieces. Clocks are used to time the games. The desired time limit can be chosen from several choices. Some possible time limits are game in 5, game in 10, or game in 60.

The website has many games to offer, one of which is chess. It is free to join. Hundreds of dollars can be won on a roulette type wheel for each game played. A chess rating similar to USCF chess ratings is offered. Prize tokens are earned for a drawing for $50.00 or more. Club Pogo is offered for $5.99 per month. It offers exclusive games and no advertisements.

There are links to many tutorials on the website Chess Tutorials And Lessons. Some of the free titles are 365 Chess Lessons, A.J.'s Beginner Course, Barnet Chess Club Learning Center, Chess Coaching Online, Chess Is Fun, Chess Tips, GM Chess, Kasparov Chess, and Tip of The Day. Some of the titles of the links to private lessons for a fee are Chess Aid, Nigel Davies (GM), GM Chess, and Jonathon Schroer (IM). orials.htm

Both online and correspondence chess can be played on Chess videos, an online chess encyclopedia, and online chess tools are offered. It offers a free membership in addition to a paid membership. Once a paid membership is chosen, it cannot be changed back to a free membership.

The United States Chess Federation has a website for its members. It has information about tournaments all over the country that anyone interested in chess can play in. It also has information about correspondence chess, which can be played either by mail or online. Some of the correspondence chess can be played only online. The magazine Chess Life can be received online or by mail. The fee for being a member of the United States Chess Federation is $42.00 for one year. The United States Chess Federation hosts the United States Chess Championship each year. The rating system is based on the performance of the chess players against distinctive ratings. 2200 and above is Master, 20002199 is Expert, 18001999 is Class A, 16001799 is Class B, 14001599 is Class C, 12001399 is Class D, etc.

The Internet Chess Club is another good website for chess players. Online tournaments and lectures by chess masters are two of the benefits. Also, the ability to watch grandmasters play each other is offered. Instructional chess shows are broadcast on ICC. A chess rating can be earned. A seven day free trial is offered, after that, a six month membership is $39.95.

Also free to join, offers free prizes to its members who win their games. It offers many games including chess. A rating system is used similar to the one used by the USCF. It is a member of the Lycos network.

Another website that also offers email is It also offers many games that can be played for free, one of which is chess. The rating system is also just like the USCF system. s/chess