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Chess Company For Sale

Chess Company For Sale

Jul 18, 2007, 2:34 PM 0

ChessBaron.com for Sale


ChessBaron is an established brand in the world of online chess retailing. It has traded for more than 3 years and established operations in the USA, UK, France and Canada.


Now there is a unique opportunity to purchase the successful USA domain - ChessBaron.com along with it's sister ChessBaron.biz- and realize its full potential. The opportunity to expand the existing sales model is considerable. At present the company concentrates on chess sets and a relatively small line of chess computers. By introducing chess books, chess clocks, chess software, chess videos and a wider range of chess computers the investor in this site will look to capitalize on the strength of the existing framework and existing search engine ranking (with ongoing guarantees if required) to increase market share and substantially boost sales revenues.


ChessBaron.com is an impressive proposition. The site already has consistently strong rankings in the top five search engines – Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask and AOL. These rankings have been built and maintained for more than two years to date, poising ChessBaron.com to substantially increase market share in the USA once the potential is fully exploited. In Google.com alone ChessBaron.com has rankings for over 100 chess search phrases, including top five rankings for the most important terms such as "chess sets", "chess set", "chess boards", "chess piece", "chess pieces", "Staunton chess sets", and many more. Rankings as strong as these are exceptional. Their existing and potential value should not be underestimated.


The existing developer and SEO are ready and able to continue involvement with the site and work with your site as required to further develop it technically and positionally.


 Potential investors are invited to email for further information to Jonathan:  chessbaronca@gmail.com or Baron: chessbaron@gmail.com.


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