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Excalibur 404-D Handheld Chess Computer Replacement!

Excalibur 404-D Handheld Chess Computer Replacement!

Jul 2, 2007, 2:23 PM 2
2nd July 2007. As announced by http://www.chesscomputer.co.uk/ - with a sweep, Excalibur replaces the 404-D handheld chess computer with... this enhanced New York Times Handheld Chess Computer as seen at http://www.chessbaron.co.uk/NY22-Excalibur-Talking-Touch.php . We always complained that the Talking Touch Handheld had no backlight or contrast settings, but excelled in computer LCD graphics. Someone over at Excalibur is thinking right. At last. Not renouned for their customer service, they appear to have actually listened to the market and have developed a handheld chess computer that beats it's major two rivals (the Novag Ruby and Saitek Maestro) into a cocked hat. It's big and it's clever. It'll take the handheld electronic chess market by storm.

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