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Some New Items in Store

Some New Items in Store

Jul 2, 2013, 9:13 AM 0

New items over at ChessBaron are the following:

The best selling chess set we've ever had is back: http://www.chessbaron.co.uk/chess-M4000.htm It's a black marble design that has swirling shapes - lovely. Less than £100.

The self moving chess computer from Excalibur - it was selling for over £200 a couple of years ago - now we have it for £99 and it has a mains adaptor too. Shipping free. It's here: http://www.chessbaron.co.uk/chess-computers-electronic-chess.php

Sets for the blind are new in the range: http://www.chessbaron.co.uk/chess-sets-for-blind.php developed with the Braille chess association to conform to requirements fofr blind and partially sighted players.

And finally for this round up - how about this superb design called the Montreal - in ebony: http://www.chessbaron.co.uk/chess-X2076.htm

Pop over soon.

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