understanding chess

May 28, 2008, 12:50 PM |

     There is one question in my head and I know that this is also something which every chess player think about after playing so many games.The question is something like that:if you know what your rival will do and you know that your rival also know what you'll do,what kind of moves you'll make?

      It is very complicated question actually,but we can optimize the outcomes since there is a nonrepeated and sequential game we have.


{1, 12}2 {20, 1}1

A % E % 2 B −→ −→ 1

L % F &

1 {10, 3}N {3, 0}

R & C% {2, 20}1

2 G % D &2 1 H −→ {80, 1}.

Suppose that the given above is a game with nodes in a small chess game which first player is white and second is black,then you can clearly see that in any case white will win if both know their rivals' move.However,it is just a game that results are given.If you go back in time at that game you can also see the subgame perfect equilirium which is Rbh.