Looking for Improvement

Jan 25, 2010, 10:24 PM |

I've enjoyed chess from a fairly early age, around age 10 is probably the first time I really remember playing.  It was only an occasional game and I certainly didn't study strategy at all.

Lately my interest in chess has gotten much greater as I've really enjoyed the tactical nature of the game.  I was slowly improving over last summer, but after the birth of my first daughter I completely dropped the game for several months.  All of the game timeouts on my account came from the days following her birth.  Life has stabilized now to the point where I'd like to get back to some more than casual study of chess.  Really, I don't know who would even read this post, but it feels more like really starting something now that I've written it down.  I'll probably be posting here just on occasion when I have something interesting to talk about.

I'm always open for challenges, against any rating.  I'm a good sport and I'm happy to take anything I can learn from a game, win or lose.  I don't usually give up easily though.  Unless I'm facing obviously insurmountable odds, I like to play out a position longer than might be necessary, to see where things go.

Thanks for reading... ~ Ben