Ouch, Timeout Percentage

Feb 3, 2010, 7:58 AM |

As you can guess from my post title all those games I let timeout have come back to bite me. I had wanted to join in the 10th chess.com tournament, but of course got the old warning about my timeout percentage needing to be under 10%. So I went and checked where I was at and I was all the way up to 33%! 15 out of 45 games timed out. It seems resigning the games would have been better than just letting them time out.

So calculating it out, I now need to play 105 more rated games without timing out before my percentage will be just under the necessary 10%.  I don't think I'll make it by the time the 10th tournament starts.

In other "news", I now have a diamond level membership as an early birthday present from my wife (thanks sweetie!).  So I've been taking full advantage of that with the chess mentor program and the instructional videos on the site. One of the nicest things about it is now I get unlimited tactics trainer puzzles, which I can do right from the iPhone app! I think that feature alone has already started to help my chess game.

More updates to come in time, and thank you to you, my random readership.