Tactics Trainer - Solved it yet lost 10 points?

Tactics Trainer - Solved it yet lost 10 points?

Jan 28, 2013, 5:09 AM |

Factoring in the speed at which the problem was solved is an ok idea. But the factor is FAR too big. If you really take your time to analyze a problem, you will finish at 20% and lose 10 points, even when you get it RIGHT!

So the differences are:

  • getting it wrong(-15) vs getting it right/slow(-10): 5 points
  • getting it right/fast(+15) vs getting it right/slow(-10): 25 points

That means you can make a fair point that with this system, speed is 5 times more important than being right or wrong... which is just ridiculous.

1. Why not passing out 0 points for right/slow?

2. Also, why not start at -10 for wrong/fast and end at -15 for wrong/slow?

This would make much more sense to me. If you like the idea(s), please let me know.

And if you don't like the idea, I'm even more interested in hearing why the score system DOES make sense the way it is now, in your opinion.


EDIT: The scoring system has changed (supposedly in Dec. 2013). The new values after a few tests seem to be approximately:

  • getting it wrong(-8) vs getting it right/slow(-4): 4 points
  • getting it right/fast(+8) vs getting it right/slow(-4): 12 points

This gives a speed/correctness factor of 3, a big improvement over the 5 it was before. However, I have also had multiple cases of right/slow giving -5 points, which would make the factor 4.3, and even twice with -6 points (factor 7!), so it hasn't gotten that much better.