Iron Cross

Nov 3, 2009, 4:09 PM |

i was reading some one's blog and saw that they posted stories that they had written and they actualy inspired me to write a story and it might take a while but please comment. So here is what i have so far (part of the prologue, more is on the waySmile)thanks for reading.

March 6 1995

Professor Anderson leaned on his shovel driving deep into the hard packed earth and then in a motion of one used to such work scooped up the dirt and deposited it onto a quickly growing pile. He was a tall and muscular man with silver hair that shone in the bright sunlight and his eyes were like green emeralds, pools of fire that seemed to stare into your thoughts. Now on an archaeological dig in Jerusalem he and three assistants were searching for treasure rumored to have been left over from when King Solomon built the temple. As of yet he had found nothing except for broken pieces of pottery that probably only dated back to the seventeenth century. Glancing up at the sky he calculated that he had at least three more hours of light to work in before darkness fell. Dropping his shovel he grabbed a water bottle and took a sip, after screwing the cap back on he checked if anybody had found anything the answer was the same as usual, nothing. Picking up his shovel he resumed digging. Suddenly his shovel hit something with a clang that resounded throughout the whole work-site. What he found was to be one of the most startling discoveries in history. He bent down and looked in the hole and there gleaming in the sun light was an iron cross made out of two nails held together with wire. Carefully he picked it up out of the hole and examined it in the sun and then wrapped it in a piece of tissue paper.