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Chess Keeps Old Minds Young

Chess Keeps Old Minds Young

Sep 22, 2017, 4:40 PM 0


I run a small informational website about the card game Canasta.  I learned both games at a young age and enjoy the strategy behind them that forces you to focus on what’s coming next.  Both games are fun for all ages and seem simple at first, but later you understand there is much more to the game in terms of reacting to your opponent.  It’s this type of thinking that I believe keeps our minds sharp.


Chess specifically encourages our brains to focus on foresight.  According to Dr G’s Brainworks, chess improves critical thinking and the importance of planning.  He goes on to discuss how it teaches us about logic and efficiency.  But more importantly, he mentions that chess can preserve mental acuity.  Ultimately, he claims that chess can “bolster the cognitive reserve of elderly players, which helps prevent cognitive symptoms of diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.


I hope this post inspires you to play a game with your parents or grandparents.  I’d love to hear what everyone thinks about this topic.  Thanks for listening.


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