An examination of improvement and other issues. . .

Jul 22, 2010, 5:51 PM |

I’m a grade 12 Tasmanian student who has carried a passion for chess ever since my father first taught me to play (I cant quite remember at what age). So this year when I joined a subject called, student directed enquiry (name sums up the subject), I knew exactly what I was going to study… CHESS! But the subject requirements weren’t so lax as to just let me play chess all day, I had to have a question and answer it. So after some thought and dozens of possible questions I have finally settled on


What is the most effective method for achieving high-level chess ability? Including a linked examination of past/present and future chess culture . . .”


This question is the centre from which I must launch all research and is my chosen base of testing and response. So I’m looking for responders who have either anecdotal evidence, (stories about freakish feats of improvement your own or others) solid factual evidence, suggestions and maybe I might annoy you with a survey. I would be most grateful for any help and if I do discover the ‘holy grail’ of chess improvement, I’ll share it. . . Possibly d=


Methods of improvement I’ve identified so far and will eventually/hopefully post on are: Personal analysis, computer analysis, Kotov’s tree and analysis techniques, learning opening theory, endgame study, tactics, playing blitz or speed chess, middle game study, coaching, book studies (such as Silmans), Playing lots of chess, watching chess videos and those methods non related to chess, such as fitness, nutrition, being born a chess prodigy or raised as one etc. If you can think of any others or have particular books to recommend please post, I appreciate any assistance!


Now for the tricky issues of chess culture, my teacher wished me to include this so my report would still have something for non chess players, which my markers probably will be. So I’m looking for more stories, but this time about player scandals, disputes with Fide, chess changes over time, the results of computer usage, where do you think chess is heading? And what do you think are issues with it today? Also fun things like the origin of openings, of chess, chess jokes, grandmaster wit, disastrous tournaments, quirky facts, anything that could garner a chuckle shock or engage.


Here’s one of my last games, it was in the last round of the Tasmanian championships and I was playing a much higher rated opponent, if I had won I would of come second and assisted one of

my friend in coming outright first however, instead the game taught me a nasty lesson which ill duly pass on.



So thanks everyone for reading my blog and I appreciate any posts. (=