My Survey.

Jul 27, 2010, 9:21 PM |

Survey: Chess Improvement


The information gathered in this survey will remain anonymous and confidential. It will be used in a Student directed inquiry on this topic. For more information read my first blog which outlines the project. I’m also happy to answer any questions.


1. What is the most effective method for chess improvement, in your opinion?


Opening study.

Endgame study.


Personal Analysis.

Reading books.

Personal Coaching.

Computer Analysis.

Middle game study.

Other ______________



2. How would you describe your playing style?




3. Do you regularly use computers?




4. How helpful has this been for your self improvement?




5. What types of book would you specifically recommend for mid-level players?




6. Has your chess hobby been a popular appreciated pastime in your community?




7. When and why did you begin playing chess?




8. Do you think the skills you have gained through playing chess have had a positive effect in other areas of your life?




9. What would you say is the most critically important factor in winning a game?




10. Would you approve of Chess being taught in schools?




11. Do you have a favourite player? Who and why?




12. Do you think modern masters are better then other players throughout history?




13. What do you think has had the biggest effect on player’s skill level?




14. What techniques were you using when you achieved your biggest rating gains?




Thanks all answers appreciated, if you don’t have enough time to post all your answers. Just pick your three favourites (= I’m also going to begin a backdated search in surveys for relevant information.