The first game and the fIrst win in the league!

Dec 17, 2011, 11:57 AM |

Today me and pmcglothin played our scheduled game and I won it! :)

Before the game I checked my opponent's history and noticed that on Caro-Kann he usually replyes 2. d3 d5 3. Nd2 which is known as Caro-Kann: closed (Breyer) variation. I have never met it before so I started to found what to reply and among other replyes found quite intresting move 4. ... Qc7 which I decided to do. Lucky me, pmcglothin played it, so my little preparation wasn't wasted:)

Overall, a  good game, yet White made more mistakes (as my opponent could make an easy draw by playing Nd4 several times) than me and the result is correct I think. Thank you for the game, Pmcglothin!
I have to say I might be overestimated my position and moves in the game, but I was and  I am quite happy about the win, so for real, my evaluations and marks might be not that 100% correct but as I mentioned in my first post all those analyzes is mostly only my thought during the game which I think is more interesting than engine anylyzes.
Tommorow I also have my first game in 9030 league. I have white and my opponent is very strong one - QueensCounselor. The aftergame thought will be posted on Monday I think.