Dec 12, 2011, 1:11 PM |

Greetings to everyone. I decided to create my own blog here (first ever!) to track my own long control games with aftergame analyze with idea of try to avoid chess engines as much as it possible as I want to share my thought during a game. I've registered in two long control leagues ( and so the story is just begun.
I also have to mention that my English skill is far from perfect so please take any of my misstakes. At least this is a good way to improve it!

My first game wasn't a league or tournament game - just a training one against a strong player (finger MikeA) so it was a good chance to bring myself into a long time control from a lot of blitz, bullet and 15 min games.

So here we go,

Overall a good game which I enjoyed. And a good lesson. Well, it was my first really long game after a very long brake in chess, so I'm quite happy with the process. Thanks, MikeA!