Hot news: The first win in the league!

Dec 25, 2011, 10:55 AM |

This morning one of my opponents, parpin, whispered me that he would like to play our game right away. The offer was quite unexpected as we both we trying to schedule the game earlier, but, first, I wasn't able to play in a work day, second, parpin was going to play on the board tourney in weekends, so we decided to talk in January.

So, I still was in the bed with notebook, so we agreed to start in 15-30 min:) I didn't even check what my opponent usually play, used all the time to prepare myself from sleepy mood:)

So, Here we go!


What can I say about the game? Parpin, no doubt, didn't deserve it:( I again played unsound variations and got the lost position. The only reason I see here: Caissa send me a gift after my last game:) On a serious note I must admit to myself that if I don't want to find myself in a bottom of tourney table on the finish, I have to change something in my playstyle. These instant moves might cost me 0 of 2 points, thanks to Caissa it is 1 of 2