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Jan 31, 2008, 3:25 PM 1

I've always had an intrest in chess but i'm not very good yet so i'm just learning at the moment I also enjoy going fishing in all conditions unless i'm ill or it's raining so much that i'll be soaked before it's half a session, I am not one of these "lazy anglers" that get a bus when ever they can or leave rubbish behind, instead i'll ride my bike or walk, and when it's hot i'll even go wading in the river to see if i can find any lost tackle that someone might've lost and then use it myself if it isn't damaged, and to go any where i want to fish i have to go more than a mile, I also love sailing on the norfolk broads and fishing.


Heres somthing that people who sail on the broads say:

"If it's got sticks, strings and flappy things it's a boat anything else is a floating caravan".LaughingTongue out

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