KISS 1973 - 1979

Nov 12, 2010, 1:12 PM |

When I decided to do a tribute to KISS I was unsure how to approach it. When a band has had a career that spans across 37 years and 19 studio albums and nearly as many greatest hits and compilation albums and many line up changes. It is hard to do a retrospect of their career. So I decided to concentrate on their top 40 hits. To my knowledge their has been no greatest hits package to contain just all of their top 40 singles from their 37 year career. Most include several fan favorites that were never released or just missed the top 40 and then omit a few of the forgotten singles that did make the top 40. So here is my three part tribute to KISS.

KISS formed in New York in 1973 with members Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Peter Criss and Ace Frehley. This line up would last until 1980 and is the most successful and identifiable. The band struggled to obtain commercial success with their first three albums.

KISS - their debut album released  early 1974 reached # 87 without a presence of a hit. It is considered by many to be one of their best albums.

Hotter Than Hell - Released at the end of 1974 just went to # 100 without a hit. It also is considered by many as one of their best with the songs Parisite, Goin' Blind, Comin' Home and Strange Ways being coverd by many artist.

Dressed To Kill - was released in early 1975 it peaked at # 32 and the single "Rock And Roll All Nite" reached # 62 but would be rereleased on their 1975 break through album "Alive!" and would make it to # 12 on billboard.

After "Alive!" KISS was at the peak of their career releasing five platinum albums and scoring 12 chart singles of which 9 reached the top 40. "Alive II" and "Dynasty" were both double platinum. But tensions between Peter Criss and the band were high. The final show of the "Dynasty" tour (December 1979) was the last time Criss would perform with the group (until the reunion 1996). Peter Criss remained an official member until May 1980.

Rock And Roll All Nite - 1975 - From the album "Alive!" It was first released on the 1975 album "Dressed To Kill" the studio version peaked at # 62. It was then released on "Alive!" and reached #12 making it the bands first top 40 hit. "Alive would reach # 9 on the album charts.

Shout It Out Loud - 1976 - From the "Destroyer" album. The single reached # 31 and the album peaked at # 11 on billboard.

Beth - 1976 - From the "Destroyer" album. To date it is their highest charting single reaching # 7 on billboard. The album reached # 11 on billboard. Peter Criss wrote the song while he was still a member of the band Chelsea. It was a last minute addition to the album. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley did not want it on the album because it was not a typical KISS song but their manager insisted on keeping the song on the album.

Hard Luck Woman - 1976 - From the album "Rock And Roll Over." It reached # 15 on Billboard the album reached # 11. Paul Stanely wrote the song with Rod Stewart in mind to record it. After Stewart turned the song down the band decided to have Peter Criss do the vocals and release it as a follow up to "Beth." 

Calling Dr. Love - 1976 - Reached # 16 and the album "Rock And Roll Over" charted at # 11 on billboard.

Christine Sixteen - 1977 - from the "Love Gun" album the single charted at # 25 and "Love Gun" at #4 their highest charting album at the time.

Rocket Ride - 1977 - KISS released Alive II it reached #7 on the album charts and  Ace Frehley's "Rocket Ride" just cracked the top 40 reaching #39. 

New York Grove - 1978 - In 1978 KISS decided that each member would release a solo album. Ace Frehley was the only member to have a top 40 hit. The album reached # 26 and New York Grove reached # 13.

I Was Made For Lovin' You - 1979 - from the Dynasty album the single reached # 11 and the album # 9 on billboard.