KISS 1980 - 1991

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In May 1980 KISS released the album "Unmasked" Peter Criss was credited and featured on the cover work but had no involvment in the recording of the album. Criss was released from the band in May and replaced by Eric Carr. Carr would create the stage persona "The Fox."  The band would experience a sharp decline in popularity after a few unsuccessful albums and a changing musical landscape as they entered the new decade of the 1980's.

Unmasked - 1980 - would reach # 35 and the single Shandi # 47 it was a more pop oriented album than any they had released before and received a luke warm reception by most fans. It was the first album since 1975's "Dressed To Kill" that did not achieve platinum sales.

Music From "The Elder" - 1981 - KISS promised their fans an album that would return to the hard rock sound of the bands earlier albums. What they gave them was a concept album featuring medieval horns, strings, harps, and synthensizers. It was a soundtrack to a movie that was never made. It represents the lowest point commercialy for the band. It is one of only two KISS studio albums to fail to earn any U.S. sales certification.

Creatures Of The Night - 1982 - Although Ace Frehely had already decided to leave the band he was pictured on the cover of "Creatures Of The Night" even though he did not participate in the recording of the album. Ace's last appearence with the band (until the reunion 1996) was the making of the video for the single "I Love It Loud."  It was KISS's hardest album to date and fared better than "The Elder" but did not live up to expectations. Just reaching # 45 on the albums chart but "I Love It Loud" made it to # 22. Although it was not commercially as successful as most of KISS's other 80's albums. It is considered by many fans to be the best album KISS made in the 80's.

Ace would be replaced by Vinnie Vincent in Decmber 1982. Vincent would take on the stage persona of "The Ankh Warrior." This new line up would be Gene Simmons "The Demon", Paul Stanely "Star Child", Eric Carr "The Fox" and Vinnie Vincent "The Ankh Warrior." It would be the last incarnation of the original make-up era. Sensing it was a time for change KISS would officially unmask on MTV in 1983. Vinnie Vincent did not get along well with Simmons or Stanely and left the band after the "Lick It Up" tour in March 1984. He was replace with Mark St. John but St. John also clashed with the band and developed arthritis. He only played two and a half shows of the "Animalized" tour. St. John was officially replaced by Bruce Kulick in December 1984. Kulick would stay with the band until 1996.


I Love It Loud - 1982 - From the # 45 billboard album "Creatures Of The Night" This would be the last album and single that would feature Ace Frehely. The single reached #22 on billboard and was their first top 40 single since 1979.

Heaven's On Fire - 1983 - After tough years between 1980 - 1982 which seen the band struggle to have success and go through a line up change with Eric Carr replacing Peter Criss on drums in 1980 and in 1982 Vinnie Vincent would replace Ace Frehely on lead guitar. This # 11 hit proved that Kiss still had the star power to make it in the new decade. The band would struggle to find a suitable guitarist to replace Ace Frehely. "Lick It Up" a # 24 chart album would be the only album to feature Vinnie Vincent as an official member. He was released from the band in 1984.

Tears Are Falling - 1985 - "Tears Are Falling" is from the album "Asylum" the single and album both reached # 20 on billboard.

Crazy Crazy Nights - 1987 - Reached # 37 on billboard the album "Crazy Nights" made it to # 18 on billboard. 

Reason To Live - 1987 - From the "Crazy Nights" album. "Reason To Live" reached #34 and the album reached #18 on billboard.


Forever -1989 - Paul Stanley and Michael Bolton wrote "Forever" for the "Hot In The Shade" album which reached #29 on billboards album chart. "Forever" reached # 8 on the singles chart making it the second highest billboard chart single for the band.