KISS 1991 - 2010

Nov 12, 2010, 1:00 PM |

In February 1991, the band decided to once again enlist Bob Ezrin to produce their first album of the 1990s. Before recording could begin tragedy struck. In March 1991, it was discovered that Eric Carr had a tumor on his heart. It was successfully removed in an April surgery, but more tumors were soon discovered in his lungs. Carr received chemotherapy and was pronounced cancer-free in July. However, in September he suffered the first of two cerebral hemorrhages. He died on November 24, 1991 at the age of 41.

KISS brought in veteran drummer Eric Singer who had formerly played with Black Sabbath, Gary Moore, Lita Ford and Alice Cooper. The KISS line up from 1991 - 1996 would be Gene Simmons, Paul Stanely, Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer.

In 1995 KISS did an unplugged concert for MTV. The band brought in Ace Frehely and Peter Criss to participate in the event. The unplugged concert started rumors that a reunion was in the works. On April 16 1996 KISS onboard the USS Intrepid announced plans for a reunion tour.

From 1996 - 2000 the line up was once again Gene Simmons, Paul Stanely, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss performing in full stage make up and costumes.

From 2001 - 2004 the line up would rotate between Gene Simmons, Paul Stanely, Ace Frehely, Peter Criss, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer.

From 2004 - Present KISS's line up is Gene Simmons (The Demon), Paul Stanely (Star Child), Eric Singer (Catman), Tommy Thayer (The Spaceman).

In 2009 this incarnation released the album "Sonic Boom."  KISS's first studio album in 11 years the songs were written and recorded to give the feel of 1976's "Rock And Roll Over" the album cover is also almost a copy of the 1976 album.  The tour has been designed to transport people back to the 1976 era KISS stage show experience. In essence KISS has became their own tribute band but I feel this incarnation has more to offer than just nostalgia. I guess only time will tell.

KISS also faced another tragedy in 2007 when Mark St. John died from a cerebral hemorrage at the age of 51.

On September 23 2009 KISS was nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but on December 15 2009 it was announced that KISS did not make it into the Hall of Fame.

The follow up to Sonic Boom is set to be released around mid 2011 with a single expected to be released by February of the same year.

Eric Carr drum solo from 1990's "Hot In The Shade" tour. I've added it as a tribute to Carr. I was always resentful of Carr for replacing Peter Criss and never gave him the credit he deserved. However after seeing Kiss in 1988 during their "Crazy Nights" tour and watching Carr perform live he became my favorite member of the post 70's Kiss and my favorite member behind Ace Frehely and Peter Criss.

God Gave Rock 'N' Roll Too You II - 1991 - In February 1991 Kiss went into the studio to record "God Gave Rock 'N' Roll Too You II" for the movie "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. It would be the last song Kiss would do with Eric Carr. He would fall ill during the recording and Eric Singer wound up playing drums on the song, while Carr provided backup vocals. In April 1991 he would undergo surgery to remove tumors from heart cancer. In November he would die from his illness. Kiss went back into the studio in December to work on a new album. As a tribute to Eric Carr "God Gave Rock 'N' Roll To You II" was add along with "Carr Jam 1981." The "Revenge" album was finished in March 1992 and reached # 6 on billboard with the single reaching # 21 on the mainstream rock charts.

Domino - 1992 - From Revenge the single reached #26 on the mainstream rock charts. The line up on "Revenge" was Gene Simmons, Paul Stanely, Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer.

I Just Wanna - 1992 - From "Revenge" the single reached # 34 on the mainstream rock charts.

Jungle - 1997 - From the album "Carnival Of Souls: The Final Sessions. The album was slated for a 1995/early 1996 release but was cancelled when the band began the "Reunion Tour" it reached # 27 on billboard. Jungle reached # 8 on the mainstrean rock charts. The line up was Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Bruce Kulick, and Eric Singer.

Psycho Circus - 1998 - From the album "Psycho Circus" which debuted at #3 on billboards album charts. The album followed the highly successful Kiss "Reunion Tour" 1996 - 1997. It was marketed as the first studio album by the band's original lineup since 1979's Dynasty. However Ace Frehely only played on 3 songs and Peter Criss on one. The single Psycho Circus reached # 1 on mainstream rock  charts but failed to chart on billboard making "Beth" (#7 billboard in 1976) still their highest charting single.


Never Enough - 2010 - From the album "Sonic Boom" which debuted in 2009 at #2 on billboards album charts.  It was their first studio album in 11 years. The single "Never Enough" was the first chart single since 1998 reaching # 30 on mainstream rock charts. The line up is Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer.