A Return to OTB     Part II
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A Return to OTB Part II

Dec 3, 2017, 4:36 PM |

Okay. So it’s going to be easy to tell the truth. But what I really want to do is rail against my opponent. I feel like the rabble in the Frankenstein movies ..





     Don’t get me wrong. I liked Mr Flohr. But I thought the game ended at 15. c4 f4??? 16. Qxg4 game over ..finito ..end-o-rama  Butttttttttt... Jeff disagreed. He decided instead to torment me. To make me prove it was over. He put me into the fire and dared me to survive. Hey wait! Maybe I was the Frankenstein monster.

     After all what was he thinking? Didn’t he know I deserved to win in a walk-a-way? I was up a piece and 3 pawns. Did he awaken this morning and decide that he would poke his opponent in the eye repeatedly? Imagine the nerve of insisting I prove that I had won.

16. Qxg4 Be8      So, it’s a little annoying trap. Trying to loosen his pieces from their cage with a threat. Now, I have to find a safe haven for the queen with some flexibility.

     Jeff had assured me that there was no relationship to “that other Flohr guy” but I beginning to suspect that he was taking this seriously.


                                                           Latvian Gamibt Accepted                                                               




     I was fortunate to realize the swindle he was preparing by 24. Qd4 Qh6    In the olden time days, before the wheel was invented, I frequently didn’t realize anything until it was too late. Hmmm? Was that how I ended up getting married? Shhh! Don’t tell her, I know I was fortunate to find someone to put up with my nonsense. But on the other hand,  didn't she have  the good fortune to be graced with my presence.

     Anyway, so I’m thinking on every move, how many times do I have to kill this guy before he stays dead. AURRGGHHHHHH!    28. Qe4 lay down now .. You know it’s over you are staked cleanly in the heart. 28. ... Rxf2+
     Jeff! You’re breaking my .... nu-nus ... The s.o.b. is trying to get a batch of checks in.. Maybe looking for some kind of perpetual.. aggravating since my pieces are kind of loose at this point, so I have to be careful. I spent five minutes checking out 30. Ke3 before I picked it. It left one more check before I had all the other squares covered. I had remembered that a friend had pointed out to me, that I sometimes left important squares uncovered. And mate on the back rank was still looming.

30. Ke3 Qf5+
31. Qf4 And finally he tipped his king.

     I believe I heard a chorus of angels singing hallelujah. The worst of it was that I had to admit to him that I didn’t really blame him for continuing on. I hadn’t put the stake in his heart ... so he had every right to demand that I prove it.

AURRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH!    Tell the villagers, it is unwise to sleep in their beds tonight!