My personally shortest game ever

My personally shortest game ever

Aug 1, 2017, 11:02 AM |

     Allow me to begin by saying, while the link to the game is located at the bottom, I do not seek to embarrass my opponent,  That is the reason I do not in the body of this missive identify them.

Neither would I wish that anyone think that I consider myself expert in this, or any opening.  I have quite the opposite view of my chess playing abilities.  But, even those of us with meager skills may have something to contribute.  Herein, then, is my shortest game.

1.e4 c6  

2.d4 d5

3.e5 Be6

This response by black is one I have never understood.  I've always felt that this cramps black's position in the Caro-Kann.  The usual Bf5 at least sets the piece free to trade or to set on g6 for a potentially better trade if the intent is to castle queen side for black. And once set there, if untaken,  continually harasses the pieces along the b1-h7 diagonal.

4.Be2 Nh6



     Taking the knight seems early to me.  The risk is allowing it to be placed on f5 because, once there it has some scope.  But the blocked bishop and cramping seems to make the risk worthwhile.

5. ...   Nd7

6.Nf3 c5

      This begins to release black from his prison.  



But would the queen out with the intent of castling q-side be better?


      Sets the attack in position.  Though not without risks.

7. ...      c4

      Last chance missed.

8.Nxe6 fxe6

9.Bxh6 gxh6