OTB final?
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OTB final?

Mar 18, 2018, 6:49 PM |

                                                      Maybe the final for the year

Captain, my captain! Do we have any chance at all to win our  division? This is something I will find out later in the coming week.  If not .. Then I get to skip the final week's play next month so that I can play in a golf tournament.  
      Not very dedicated. I’m such a slouch. I can win a few hundred dollars playing golf (maybe) and I’ve already won my place in the chess league. Ten dollars .. count ‘em .. Ten dollars. Also, I may get a trophy .. I only have to wait until next December.
But I promised to play if the team needs me .. And I will play .. If we have a chance.


My nerves got the better of me today. By the twelfth move my  gut was shaking like a earthquake. I was that certain I had a won game and it completely un-nerved me. For the second time, I was playing Mr J. Flohr. Still quite a gentleman, he had stolen a few hours from his granddaughter’s birthday to play. I suspect that Jeff has never met a gambit he didn’t like. Whether the gambit was OTB or with his wife’s patience. I can just hear him now, “Honey, she’s going to be turning 14 all day long, I’m only going to be playing chess for 5 hours at the most.”

As it was, he only needed two hours and ten minutes. Herein is the game.



     So this was the 6th and perhaps final game of the season.  Better days ahead.  "If the Good Lord is willing and the creek don't rise."