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Should I Be Concerned

Should I Be Concerned

Nov 4, 2017, 8:50 PM 3

I just watched several 3 minute games as a match between two FM's  both of whom were rated above 2400.  They were playing various d4 openings that I am unfamiliar with.  

     Out of three games, that I sat in observance, I saw no less than two missed tactical kills on each side, in each game.  One of them left a rook en prise, with a minute left in the game.  Then shortly afterwards, they missed an easy draw by capturing a pawn with a pawn taking the game down to a bishop v a single pawn.  The remaining pawn was blockaded by the opposing king.

     Should I be concerned that a hack like me, saw these things instantly, while these  FMs missed them repeatedly.  I mean, how the hell do you get to be rated 2400 in a 3 minute game and miss junk like that all over the board.  And maybe I can understand one of them putzing up, but both of them?

     But maybe it's like going to a professional golf tournament.  If you watch the best in the world playing golf at the beginning of the week, you see half of them miss hitting shots, making the same kind of mistakes on the same hole. We only get to see the best each week playing their best.  Because the focus is on that temporary greatness they seem to muster .. when in reality they're being focused on because they are the ones having a good week.

     It just damned unexpected.


     What will happen to unadulterated hero worship??

     Somebody make them stop.

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