Chess "Prodigy" Continues

May 11, 2013, 10:02 AM |

Usually my husband posts these games. Today, I have a day off work, the baby is sleeping, and I just finished a game with Isaac. I wrote the moves down as well as I could. You've got to think fast to keep up with this little boy. Anyway, I think that Black's 13th move is wrong...(no, really! I didn't have anything written down, but I think he moved his c pawn back to the 7th rank, because that is where it actually was at the end of the game.)...but otherwise this was the game we played. I considered it a resignation at the end because he said he wanted to put his captured pieces back on the board. (Thus, he wanted to start over.)

I am so curious to see if Isaac really becomes good at chess. Right now, he is sitting on my lap, drawing a picture and telling a version of the story the Three Little Pigs that includes something about the wolf getting both coats. I love this kid!