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THE TIMES - 23rd October 2015
Chess - Raymond Keene

To paraphrase Dr Samuel Johnson, a man who is tired of chess is tired of life. However, if one is seized by the urge to meander down the paths of alternative chess variations on our noble game then Curried Chess, Innovative ways to spice up your chess, by Marcus Stormson (published by Matador Books - see offers such arcane delicacies as Barbed Chess, Noble Wings Chess, Cobra Strike and Double take?" 

The SPECTATOR - Sat 5th December

With Christmas approaching, those in search of unusual presents for chess loving bibliophile friends and relatives would do well to consider Markus Stormson's Curried Chess, this is a curio, packed with an interesting selection of ingenious and obscure variants on the game. Among the rarities it explores are Barbed Short Chess, Takeover Chess, and Stratak. This compendium is available from regular outlets and @