BA Chess Tournament

Jan 13, 2010, 1:10 AM |

Here is a game from a recent tournament I played in on New Years in Santa Clara.

I usually attend the Kolty Chess Club (you all should come by) in Campbell, CA. Most of the time I show up early to watch Frisco Del Rosario's lecture. They are quite entertaining at times as long as you're not someone who asked him to go over your game, since he might just show everyone next week how NOT to play. Which is why I never show him my games since I don't want my catastrophe's up on his demo board.  One thing (not the only thing) I like about his lectures is his need to pound in checkmating patterns. Which is the reason for me posting this game. Not becuase I played so wonderfully or some BS like that. The reason is that I saw more checkmating patterns that my opponent. There were only 2 and my opponent only saw one.