chess club

Feb 9, 2008, 11:29 AM |

i taught my kids how to do chess notations last week during the club and had them notate their games. many of them complained like crazy, but it was still a great thing for them to do. i brought the sheets home and played their games. it was awesome being able to really see what they were doing. i was able to make lots of comments and suggestions and see who really has no idea what they're doing even though half of the class thinks themselves to be champion chess players. 

i also called lots of parents, talked to teachers and talked to the principal about all of the behavior problems i am having. next week, they are all on their final warnings so either the club goes so much better than the previous weeks, or else by the next week my roster will be much lower and then the behavior will have to improve.

i love chess and i love playing chess and i so want to become a better chess player. i want to help the kids however i can, but their attitudes are making it nearly impossible. i have 7 kids that are great and want to be there and then 8 kids that make me want to just quit teaching period. it wears me out like nothing else putting up with them. i see no reason a fun enrichment club has to be that way, so i will just finally put an end to it. i'm too nice and give too many warnings. time to follow through. i got one kid removed after the last meeting.