The Awesome Marshal gambit

Aug 22, 2012, 2:14 PM |

I recently pluged the marshall gambit into the computer expeting it to be fefuted like most pawn sacs on a computer are but fritz gave the perfect lines and it held to draw. But your oppent will not make perfect moves.This mean you will probably win. I looked at other stuff besided the best moves according to fritz and alot of them led to mated in 5 ,10 ,8 or whatever.Even if you and your oppent have perfect play then you will still have the fun side and will not have to worry about checkmating and getting attacked.If you love the Ruy Lopez to give in up to much then you can play d3 instead of c3 (shown Below)

Please let me know about the results of the marshal gambit. I would prefere people your rating. Thank You