I have alway wanted to do a uuscf tournament and might be able to do one. I would like to know about how the unrated section play are they like 1100 or 1500. If someone guess that you about a 1400 could you crush the unrated section. Please leav a comment.


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    I have run tournament for Scholastic ( Kids )

    I see you were born in 98.

    I ran tournament just for Kids.Usually at a school gym or Rec & Park, 2 large room.

    They were not allowed to win any money. We just awarded them trophies. The fee we charged was enough to cover the cost.

    I have the "Swiss computer tournament" it isn't very expensive. The players that were rated I place in one bracket. Those that were unrated I gave them a rating using a little formula.

    I tested all 50 of the kids using 6 preset position on a board.

    The first board was a one move mate.

    The second a two move mate.

    The third might be two move mate but with a trick.

    Fourth a three move mate. 

    Fifth a King and Rook vs K and pawn.

    The bonus was last one was a four move smother mate using the knight with a queen sacrifice. .

    90, plus heir age, plus 30 points for each of the boards that they passed. 50 point for the bonus.

    The ages were 8 through 14 with proof. Two division 8-10 11-14 with flexabilities.

    The testing was done early morning and it took about two hours. Each game was 15/15 for each the moves written were optional. Four floor Judges roamed the tournament. We didn't help them make the moves since it was their game. We only asked question so that they could answer their problem and agree between them.

    Most of the games usually ended within five minutes on each clock. Seldom did any one come to tears. We had some that quit, some that didn't show. Swiss took care of that. The print out was easy and the next round was posted within five minutes of the last pair finished.

    We started a 8 am for testing 10 to 10:30 for checking in and it was all prepaid and signed up. The tournament was over about 4 P.M. Awards at 4:30 P.M.

    We had a division awards for girls they played the regular div since there weren't many.

    Beverages, pretzels and oranges were served free.

    You brought your own lunch. Ice cream served after the last round. Awards included a pin for each player. Chess 1 and Chess 2 booklet free if they wanted them. 1st. place through 4th. in red and blue.

    Photos taken and put in the paper with the results.

    Many of the parents were used for volunteers.

    Those fifty kids I placed in two division, Red Elite and Blue Regular.  We play five games Swiss and if there was a tie even using the breaks built into the Swiss we had a quick 10/10 minutes game. Kids raised their hands for problems.

    All the games use time clocks and everyone started on my signal. No parent were allowed into the marked areas on the gym floor.

    Oh yeah we had a five minute speed tournament going on between games. No charge but we had trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. It was four games. With a play off. Maybe.

    No Protest were allowed on anything.

    The tournament director made all decisions. That was me.

    Make sure you get a tournament director card from USCF. They issued them free.

    If I were you I would run a trial tournament with 12 to 16 players using Swiss and you will be amazed how easy it is.

    I hope this is not too much.

    Bye for now.

    Those are playing in the tournament.
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