Android App working on Blackberry BB

Feb 16, 2014, 4:34 AM |

I have a z10 and found playing on my browser a faff. I looked for a solution and was amazed to see 16+ topics (albeit with posts from 2-4 years ago!) requesting unanswered help for a (working) Blackberry App.

I think I've found a solution (tested only on my z10, os 10.2.1!) and it doesnt require a penny of spend from for development. See my post in new topic "(Feb'14) An App for Blackberry that works (finally!)" [within "Help & support"].

The basic Android App through Google Play is a free App and Blackberry have kept the developer mode on BB and Playbook to assist with converting across Android .apk to BB .bar files for use with BB. So I dont see this making waves.

Any thoughts on whether its too late for on Blackberry?