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getting ready for next year and raiseing money for our trips

Jun 23, 2008, 12:27 PM 2

As the Oakcrest Chess Team knows we didn't do that bad this year in chess, but we can do better and the only way to do that is to practice with Mr. J and Mr. R and we should be more then ready for next year, but don't just play them play the other members of the team and any good players. Next year will be Oakcrests year to win it all and it will be because we were ready and we never lost hope, so as long as we practice and not be concerned about Cole or any other player who's good just think about those people as just another person and not on there skill just play them like you would play anyone else and we should be able to beat any team or player we have to face. So let's get ready for next year and remember to never give up and to keep practiceing and to ask questions about opennings and middle and end game and to see where you are makeing your mistakes. Also if anyone else has any other ideas about how we can raise money for our trip let Mr. J and Mr. R know so we can get started on it right away because we will be going to the championship and winning it and going to Disney for the tournament so we need to start raiseing money so we need ideas if any one has anything Mr. J and Mr. R needs to know because if we start now we should have more then enough money for all of our trips and all of the tournaments.

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