What is United Chess Competitions?

What is United Chess Competitions?

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So a lot of you've been asking WHAT actually United Chess Competitions is about?

You can always read our rulebook but things are not that clear there, too:  

Here you can see a quick description of UCC(United Chess Competitions)!

✓ UCC is a Team event! You must be a part of a Team to participate! You can reach out to Team Owners at our Transfer Market: Each Team has 4 Main Players and at least 1 Substitute Player! Starting from Season 2, you can also find a Coach to train your Players! To become a participant, not just a spectator, be sure to fill this Google Form RIGHT NOW: 

✓ Throughout each Season a Team competes in various events (you can suggest more events to this list if you have any ideas): Division Regular Season and Cup, Chess Champions League. 

As you can see, our project is modeled after real soccer events! However, obviously, it's not just a copy of it)

✓ After each Season, Teams and Players get special Awards(Team of the Year, Golden Queen, Best Team Player, etc). Potentially, we want to find sponsors for UCC after we become a really BIG club(around 1,000 members)! You can always help us by clicking on that "Invite" button!

✓ All important events will be covered by our Streamers! Bloggers will provide recaps of interesting matches and highlight the best moments during this Gameweek! You can choose these positions in our Registration Google Form(visit our main page)!

✓ You can actually play an active role in this record-breaking project - WORK in one of the four UCC Departments: Organization, Statistics, Society, Marketing. Active and open-minded people with previous experience are welcome! 

And one last thing: it'll be interesting only if we get 160 Teams and over 900 participants! So it depends on us, the members, will we actually make it?