Lesson 1: Catching the king in the centre, GM Tejas Bakre, Cyberchess Lectures, 2008

Nov 18, 2013, 6:57 AM |

LESSON 1: Catching the king in the centre  

Dear players welcome to the wonderful world of chess. In order to improve your chess undersanding I have compiled a series of lectures that will aim at providing the different chessthemes every chess player must know.  

Catching the king in the centre ----------- The most important aspect of the game is the KING. The basic motif of a chess player is to mate the opponent's king. Hence in the opening everyplayer must attempt to make his king safe by CASTLING before embarking on any other middle game plan. Failing to do so results in disaster and we will see in the forthcoming examples how to catch our opponent's king in the center when he has not castled. The initial position of the king before it castles contains two main weaknesses. The first is the e-file as that's the initial file where the king stands. The king becomes exposed if the e-file is opened up. The second is the square F7 for Black and square F2 for white as this square is protected only by the king. No other pieces support this pawn initially.