Lesson 10: Essential Rook Endings, GM Tejas Bakre, Cyberchess Lectures, 2008

Nov 9, 2013, 4:03 AM |

LESSON 10: Essential Rook Endings  

Rook & Pawn vs Rook --------------------- Many chess players find it dull to study these kind of basic positions. But the knowledge you by learning these positions is indispensable and you would understand its value in the future when you get points against your opponents thans to the knowledge you possess by learning these endings. We can usually talk of a win in these type of endings only when the defending king is not in front of the pawn and the attacking king is near the pawn. Apart from this it is very difficult to give any general statements about win or draw, as each position is so different that one move can change the evaluation of the position. This makes all the more important for the students to learn and understand the rook endings throughly