Lesson 20: Nimzowitsch, Tarrasch, GM Tejas Bakre, Cyberchess Lectures, 2008

Oct 29, 2013, 2:47 AM |
LESSON 20: Nimzowitsch, Tarrasch
It is amazing how much instructive strategy Nimzowitch can pack in just 23 moves.His  
attack on a doubled pawn leads to a weakening of a key square. On this important square  
Nimzo plans a knigt so firmly that it cannot be dislodged. He then forces open a file for  
his queen rook. With the queenside under control he switches the other knight in the  
centre of the board. The power generated by this centralised knights is devasting. So  
great is the effect that his opponent resigned even though he did not lose a single pawn!!