Apr 19, 2011, 6:55 AM |

  Good Game
    "Thanks for the game - I enjoyed it!"

  You Swept Me
    "You keep beating me over and over again!"

  I Slipped
    "Oops - I slipped up! Good game!"

  Pawn Magician
    "An amazing display of the power of the pawn in the game, congratulations!"

  knight Virtuoso
    "An amazing display of the power of the knight in the game, congratulations!"

  Bishop Commander
    "An amazing display of the power of the bishop in the game, congratulations!"

  Lord of the Rook
    "An amazing display of the power of the rook in the game, congratulations!"

  Connoisseur of the Queen
    "An amazing display of the power of the queen in the game, congratulations!"

  Good Sportsmanship
    "Thank you for your good sportsmanship and honest play during the game."

  Fishy Play
    "I played that like a fish, good game!"

  Novelty Alert
    "Wow, you played a nice novelty in that opening!"

  Strikingly Strong Play
    "That was strikingly strong play in the game, congratulations!"

  Precise Calculation
    "Congratulations on your amazingly accurate calculation during the game!"

  Sorry About the Blunder
    "Sorry about your blunder, it happens to all of us. Good game!"

  Did You Let Me Win?
    "Did you let me win the game? It seems like there was still some play left in the position. Anyways, good game!"

  I Want a Rematch
    "Good game, lets have a rematch!"

  Key Move
    "That was a nice key move to obtain the advantage. Good game!"

  Masterful Locked Position Play
    "That was a great display of how to play in a locked position. Good game!"

  Move Deliberation
    "This is a critical moment of the game. Probably a good time to take a long deliberation of the next move."

  Brilliant Tactical Play
    "That was a nice display of tactical play! Good game."

  Great Endgame Play
    "That was a nice finish in the endgame! Good game."

  You're a Winner
    "You're a winner! Good game."

  Fire on Board
    "That was a great attack! Good game."

  You Cleaned My Clock
    "Great game, you definitely cleaned my clock in that one!"

  Sunken Ship
    "You sunk my ship in that one. Good game!"

  Mental Relaxation
    "That was a long and hard struggle, good game. Now I need some mental relaxation time!"

  My Error
    "I made a bad error in that game, ugh! Good game though."

  Great Defense
    "That was a nice defense you used against my attack. Good game!"

  Strong Fortress
    "That was a strong fortress you created to save the game. Good game!"

    "That was a nice way to cruise through to a winning position. Good game!"

  Exhausting Game
    "That was an exhausting game, you really wore me out. Good game!"

  Eagle-like Precision
    "You had eagle-like precision in that game. Good game!"

  Dynamite Win
    "That was a dynamite win. Congratulations!"

  Moving Up
    "Wow, you are a very strong player. You are on your way up to the top."

  Sailing to Victory
    "Nice game! You really sailed to victory in that one."

  Beautiful Construction
    "That was a great display of how to construct a position. Good game!"

  Drunken Blunder
    "Oops! That was a real drunken blunder on my part. Good game!"

  King of the Board
    "You totally outplayed me from start to finish. You truly are the King of the chess board!"

  Sly Like a Fox
    "That was a very tricky plan. Nice way to finish the game sly like a fox!"

  Top Dog
    "You were the top dog in that game. Thanks for playing."

  Game Imprint
    "That game left an imprint on me. I will remember that one for a long time. Good game."

  Back to the Drawing Board
    "You really got me in that game. I guess it is back to the drawing board for me..."

  Checkmate Ambulance
    "Call in the ambulance! It is checkmate and my king is dead! Good game."

  I Surrender
    "I surrender! Good game."

    "That was an amazing job weaving your way through the complications. Good game!"

  One Step at a Time
    "Chess is a game of progression. I finally made it up to the next rating step! How is your chess progression and chess steps going?"

  Notation Neglecting
    "Are you forgetting to take notation during your games? This is very important so that you can go back and review the games you play."

  Chess Overdose
    "Oh no! You have been playing chess so much you are actually getting sick from it!"

  Cat on the Keyboard
    "That was a bad game for me. I was distracted by my cat who decided to nap on the keyboard!"

  Mouse Slip
    "Sorry, my mouse slipped... But good game anyway, maybe we can play another one after I get a new mouse!"

  Inventive game
    "That was a new idea I've no seen before. I'm going to have to study go back over this game to learn from that"

  Blown Away
    "You blew me away in that game! How about a rematch?"

    "I was really lucky to win that game! You played well. Thanks for the game!"

  You let me off the hook!
    "You had this game, and you let me take it from you... thanks!"

  Surprise ending!
    "WOW! I never saw that ending coming! Well played!"

  Narrow Escape!
    "Wow, I thought you had that one. I'm not quite sure how I managed to escape."

    "Wow, you really pwnd me that game!"

    "It's a mystery to me why you didn't win!"

  Connoisseur of the king
    "You played well, using your king to back me into a corner. Nice game!"

  Second Place
    "Winning isn't everything, and draws are boring!"

  Board blindness
    "I never saw that coming, well played!"

    "I was robbed! I should have won that game, but you managed to steal it from me! Well played!"

  Small difference
    "That could have been a win, with just a few different moves."

    "Sometimes, someone just gets lucky..."

  Almost there....
    "You were that close... maybe next time?"

    "You lost that game, but there are worse things than losing."

    "You lost the game, but not your enthusiasm!"

    "There were some great plays in that game"

    "That was a close game! I wonder if I can beat you next time?"

  Nice Chess960 win
    "Nice "Random" win. I hope I can get a rematch sometime."

  New Experience
    "Thanks for the new experience. I've never played Chess960 before."

    "Did you fall asleep at the computer? That was not your best game."

  Tough Nut
    "You're a tough nut to crack!"

  Wrong idea
    "What was I thinking of?"

  Queen of the board
    "You totally outplayed me from start to finish. You truly are the Queen of the chess board!"

  Timed out!
    "Sorry about the time out. Perhaps we could play again?"

  Nice Pawn Pushing
    "Great move pawn pushing!"

  You're evolving into a Great Player
    "Wow you're doing really well!"

  Got me with that Queen Sweep
    "I lost to a good Queen manoeuvring"

  What was I thinking!
    "I don't know what I was thinking there!"

  Good Work!
    "Well done, good work!"

  Back to the basics!
    "I need to go back to the basics, I think."

  Have Fun as #1
    "You're the number 1

  Hesitating Pawn
    "I hesitated with that pawn push"